2010 International Conference on Contemporary Music

A Coruña, Spain, April 25-27, 2010

Call for Compositions / Papers

The IC[CM] aims at contributing to relate the creative world of composers with the scientific world of researchers working on music and language. It also aspires to contribute to the inquiry about the nature of the dynamic relation that holds between a musical composition, its performers and the hearer. IC[CM] 2010 will the articulated around two topics:

The simple and the complex

The relation between natural language and music

We should be honored to invite composers and scientists to submit their proposals addressing any of the above topics. There are two modalities of participation: compositions and research presentations.

Compositions could be written for any instrument of the two ensembles of the conference, either solo or combined. The duration of the composition should be no longer than 15 min. Scores should be submitted electronically, through an application that will be shortly activated. Scores should just contained a mention for the title and the instruments for which the composition is written. Another PDF file should include a description of the work and performance indications. Whenever possible, we highly recommend that a sound file of the score should also be sent. The information about the author (name, affiliation, a short cv and email address) would be introduced in the submission application form.

Scientific presentations would be allotted 20 minutes for presentation length plus 10 minutes for discussion. Abstracts can have a length of up to 2 pages. They should be submitted in a PDF file, with the title of the presentation. The information about the author, including name, affiliation and email address should be detailed in the submission application form.

The proposals would be peer reviewed by an international Scientific Committee.

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