martes, 7 de xuño do 2011, por Isaac Cordal.
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Vídeo do artista C215 no que explica brevemente as súas intencións.

C215 / Street Artist from Jerome de Gerlache on Vimeo.

Mix & Music by Cyesm
Directed by Jérôme de Gerlache




A finais do ano pasado publicou un libro chamado Comunity service:

C215 - Community Service
Référence 978-2-917829-38-7


Format : 22 x 22 cm, 134 pages

Artiste : C215

Préface : Marc & Sara Schiller

Préface : Thierry Froger

Introduction : Steven P. Harrington

Photographes : Vitostreet (FR), Chrixcel (FR), RomanyWG (GB), Luna Park (US), Jaime Rojo (US), Lois Stavsky (US), Jessica Stewart (IT), Vinny Cornelli (US), Lionel Belluteau (FR), Elodie Wilhem (CHE), Unusualimage (GB), Gregory Smith (BR).

English description : Transforming a door, fence, trash bin or mailboxes which have been degraded, aged, worn by time, into obvious beauties and stylized realistic portraits, is the prerogative of C215, now an essential artist on the « Street Art » scene.

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