Xa saiu o terceiro recopilatorio do net label ruso Electrosound. O segundo tema corresponde a referencia [alg001] do primeiro ep editado no Net label alg-a por Maina.

The third and the last compilation from a collection of "dots of the certain sound", traditionally for this series opens new names and continues to please us with eclectic tracks from the artists who have already noted in other number releases. The compilation es01 in May of 2005 has started such indistinct action for that moment as network label ElectroSound. At the moment of an output of es10 in January 2006, Electrosound already had a collection of excellent artists in lists of releases.

Compilation named es20 is executed in firm dotted-musical tones and finishes the trilogy. And the movement proceeds. The huge quantity of magnificent author’s music is composing all around, and it is devilishly pleasant, that the part of this music finds its place in the releases of our label. Thanks to all of you!

Track #2 was first released on alg-a netlabel.

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17 de outubro do 2006 09:44


18 de outubro do 2006 04:10, por berio

Que, acabaches xa o tema para o recopilatorio alg-a?

Isaac Cordal