Kinetica Art Fair 2009.
venres, 20 de febreiro do 2009, por Isaac Cordal.
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Pantallas de lámpadas carnívoras, robots que bailan, híbridos de home-animal-máquina , máquinas de escribir mecánicas, delicadas instalacións, esculturas de luz e cibernética son parte do que Kinetica Art Fair 2009 propón en Londres desde o venres 27 de Febreiro.

Giles Walker

Exhibiting artists include:

Jason Bruges, Balint Bolygo, Tom Wilkinson, Chris Levine, Elias Crespin, Tim Lewis, Sam
Buxton, Daniel Chadwick, Ray Lee, Roger Vilder, Adrian Baynes, Kineticus (Bernward Frank),
Michael Markert, Martin Richman, Peter Sedgley, Stewart Warren-Hill, Hans Kotter, Giles
Walker, Chris O’Shea, Dominic Harris and Ivan Black. Further artists will be announced

Exhibitors include:

Body>Data>Space, Node London, Laikingland, Shadow Robots, Patrick Heide Gallery,
Computer Art Society, Holotronica, Themersons Press, Mute Magazine,
Giles Walker, Tim Lewis, Contemporary Art Society, Kinetica Museum, FACT/ Bosch &
Simmons, Digital Art Museum, Material Beliefs (James Agar/Alex Zivanovic), Jason Bruges
Studio, Kinetic Art Organisation and Chris O Shea/ Cinimod Studio. Further exhibitors will be
announced shortly.

Speakers for Talks Programme on Saturday 28 Feb & 1 March 2009:

Katherine Mason (Computers in the Art Room), Seth Riskin (MIT), Bosch & Simmons
Rich Walker (Shadow Robots); Laikingland, Digital Art Museum (Wolfgang Lieser); Jeremy
Woods (GPD Drawings/Maps); Jasia Reichardt (Curator of Cybernetic Serendipity). Full
talks programme with detailed timings to be announced soon.
Panel Discussion: New Realms in Art: Collecting & Exhibiting New Media Art
Mike Stubbs: FACT; Joe le Placa, All Visual Arts and Ex ArtNet; Dianne Harris, Art Director
Kinetica Museum. Further speakers and discussion timings to be announced soon.

Film Screenings:

Spider Robot from Stelarc; 2008 retrospective from FACT; Contraptions of Distinction by Nik
Ramage. DVDs by Ray Lee and Balint Bolygo. Further screenings to be announced soon.

Public Performances:

27 February, 20:00 – 22:00hrs
Opening Spectacular and World Premiere by Body>>Data>>Space
Seth Riskin, a former U.S. national champion gymnast, brings his astonishing physical ability
to Light Dance in which he sculpts light and space in a remarkable performance of human
and light interaction. Acclaimed international artist collective Body>>Data>>Space present a
world premier of performers interacting with light, laser and visual projection.

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