Live soldering performance son accións sonoras consistentes en crear sonidos dende a manipulación directa e en tempo real de chips programados con sonido. As accións consisten en ir soldando diferentes chips entre si, producindo así diversos sonidos dependendo dos chips conectados entre si e do mesmo proceso de soldado.

Parece ser que este tipo de eventos son comúns en Xapón, según nos contan dende Code & form.
Alí tamén está o grupo The Breadboard Band.

Un dos colectivos especialistas neste tipo de accións son The Loud Objects.

Aquí tedes un video dunha acción realizada por esta xente no Monkeytown, a restaurant / performance venue in Williamsburg, New York. Gravación feita por Code & form.

"Our music sets are built in front of you on overhead projector from scratch with electonics and soldering irons. Our components are microprocessors (Atmel), a 3V battery and an audio-out jack.

All the music is 1-bit and data is routed between the chips and to the audio-out. The beginnings of our sets are usually in silence as the preliminary circuit is constructed from scratch, live. I guess you could say that a lot of the idea is about demystifying the pretentious and magical aura around a lot of live electronic music performances with people pressing buttons on computers once and a while and all sorts of sound coming out. We’re trying to pair it down to its bare minimum, actually constructing a circuit onstage, wiring output pins to audio jacks, etc. And it’s all digital. There’s not too much purely digital noise music out there, and the only time the Loud Objects becomes analogue is at the audio out jack."
The Loud Objects

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