Openframeworks publica a versión 006
venres, 27 de marzo do 2009, por Berio Molina.

Onte saíu publicada a nova versión da librería Openframeworks, que como xa sabedes, está basada en c++ e é empregada especialmente para facer instalacións interactivas.

As principais novedades desta versión están en que incluíron a librería Poco, un sistema de eventos (listeners e demáis), e permite ser empregada no Iphone.

Ademáis incluíron dentro do equipo de traballo anteriormente formado por Zach Lieberman e Theo Watson, ao español Arturo Castro e Chris O’Shea.

Ligazón para baixar OF

Ligazón para ver os cambios da nova versión.

Aquí tedes un video con algunhas cousas feitas con Openframeworks:

made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo.

Aquí tedes o mail orixinal anunciandoo:

Hey all!

In the words of Erik B and Rakim:
Its been a long time we shouldn’t have left you..

006 is finally here.

It has been our longest release to date. What started out as a simple release became quite a project as we restructured the core, added the Poco library, an event system, abstracted the window system, updated the core to be iPhone friendly, plus bug fixes and lots of cool new stuff.....

Detailed list of the changes here:

Download 006 here:

006 Major Changes:

We are very excited to add the Poco library to the openFrameworks project. Poco is a powerful cross platform toolkit similar to the Java SDK, it includes a large base of network, file io, event and threading related code. It can be used to upload files and even send emails! In 006 we are using it for the new event system, but others have already been using it for developing addons like ofxHttpUtils. A big thanks to Erik Sjödin for pushing us in this direction as well as for his awesome Firmata implementation which is now part of the core.

The event system in 006 allows classes to register to receive core events (like mouse pressed, key pressed, draw, update etc). It also allows you to create and register your own custom events. The event system took a long time to get right. _ A huge thanks to Stefan Hechenberger who along with Arturo Castro spent many hours working on getting the right balance for the OF event system.

Glut abstraction:
Another big and much requested change was to remove OF’s dependence on the GLUT windowing toolkit. With 006 you can now chose which type of windowing system you want when you build your app. So far we have successfully run OF with a GLFW windowing system, an iPhone window and even no window (ie command line).

Base classes:
006 now has base classes (like ofDraws, ofUpdates ) which allow for more flexible object orientated programming.

One more thing......

iPhone support:
OF 006 can run on the iPhone!
There are already several apps in the App Store that are made with openFrameworks :)

This is largely due to the amazing work done by Lee Byron, Zach Gage, Memo Atken and Damian Stewart. Who have worked very hard to get openFrameworks running on the iPhone. A big shout out to them for their hard work!

The iPhone support is an ongoing process but most of the core functionality is there, including loading images, loading fonts, drawing graphics... There will soon be some guides on the wiki for getting started with OF on the iPhone but in the meantime check the 006 iPhone download on the downloads page and these guides bellow:

Addon changes:

ofxOpenCV has been massively revised - the changes are too many to list, but there are a lot of new features, image types and bug fixes + Region of Interest for all operations. Big thanks to Stefan and his 100+ svn commits :)

ofx3DModelLoader replaces ofxObjLoader. Currently supports textured and untextured 3ds files. In the future we aim to add support to other model formats including obj.

ofxNetwork now comes with examples for UDP communication

ofAddons.h is deprecated - from 006 on to use an addon you include its main header file directly.
No more OF_ADDON_USING_OFX.......

Important note for 005 -> 006 projects

Most 005 projects should work with 006 but you will have to copy the source code of your project into an existing 006 project folder.
Moving an 005 project folder to OF 006 will not work.

Please do not try to merge 0.05 and 0.06 releases! Each OF release is designed to be a self contained unit. Please keep each folder separate, as in:

---- OF
---------- 0.05
---------------- apps
---------------- libs
---------------- etc
---------- 0.06
---------------- apps
---------------- libs
---------------- etc

if you try to merge the two folders, you will be unhappy. Keeping the releases intact means your old code will always work in the future.

If you have any issues or quirks please give feedback in the forum.

In addition some community developed addons that were using the experimental 0.00573 release will need to be slightly modified to be compatible with 006.
Please be patient as addon developers update their addons for 006 :)

OF Team += Chris O’Shea

We would like to welcome Chris O’Shea ( ) to the team.
Chris is an awesome artist and designer. He will be joining us as the fourth member of the openFrameworks team and will be in charge of developing the openFrameworks community online, including an awesome new public website, with project galleries and user pages.

Thank you!

Thanks to you all, for making the openFrameworks community what it is!
We hope you enjoy the 006 release! It has been a slow one, but we promise it will not be this slow again.

Next up the James Bond release :)

OF Team - Zach, Theo, Arturo, Chris