Me gustaría comentaros que he creado un sello discográfico llamado Heresy enfocado en editar mis trabajos con composiciones desde un punto de vista herético.

La primera referencia es una interpretación de Michael Pisaro, de su composición Within (3.2).

Es una edición limitada de 100 copias si estais interesados en conseguir una por favor mandarme un e-mail a el coste es de 12€ con gastos de envío.

o dirigiros a alguno de los distribuidores:

Metamkine - Europa

ErstDisc -U.S.A

Improvised Music From Japan - Asia

Os dejo aquí las notas del disco que ha escrito Michael:

“within (3)” was originally for a classical guitar – and featured, as its basic sound, a tone lightly played on one of the treble strings, and repeated up to from 1 to 8 times, at a rate of one tone per 10 seconds. A tone would almost die away before the next was struck. When played in the Zionskirche in Berlin (where it was premiered) it was like one tiny point in a world of sound.

In Miguel Prado’s version for electric guitar, the tones are played on the bass strings and are given a heavy, extremely rich and variable distortion. We discussed the fact that the sounds were thus much longer and came to the conclusion that the best way to record the piece was to layer the repetitions on top of each other, so that each tone could take as long as it needed to fade. The result is a complex harmonic web unforeseen in the original – new enough that I’ve decided that the best title for this work is “within (3.2)”.

The piece is structured into 6 sections of 10 minutes each, with a pause between them.

“within (3.1)” published by Edition Wandelweiser in 1997.

“within (3.2)” published by Edition Wandelweiser in 2010.

Michael Pisaro

Miguel Prado: electric guitar

más información

Muchas gracias por vuestro interés

-Miguel Prado-

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