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luns, 28 de agosto do 2006, por Berio Molina.
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A Real Time Composition Library (RTC-lib) deKarlheinz Essl e outros é unha libreria de sonido para a composición algorítmica en Max/msp,... e desde agora tamén está dispoñible para Pure Data.

Frank Barknecht acaba de sacar a primeira prerelease de RTC-lib aquí: http://footils.org/pkg/rtc-lib-pre0.2.tgz

Para máis información podedes ir aquí: http://footils.org/cms/show/56

Copiamos e pegamos o README orixinal da librería:

This software library - a collection of patches and externals for Max/MSP - offers the possibility to experiment with a number of compositional techniques, such as serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness. Most of these objects are geared towards straightforward processing of data. By using these specialized objects together in a patch, programming becomes much more clear and easy. Many functions that are often useful in algorithmic composition are provided with this library - therefore the composer could concentrate rather on the composition than the programming aspects.

The Pd version currently includes about 140 abstractions that almost all are documented with their respective help files.

Some objects still are missing and also so far only I tested the ported objects, so your help is needed: Please test, and if you have Max/MSP: compare the behaviour! Also help is needed with the missing about one or two dozen objects.

A lot of thanks goes to Karlheinz Essl who is very supportive of this project and was answering a lot of my questions regarding the port.
Thanks of course also go to the other authors of the RTC-lib and on the Pd side especially to Krzysztof Czaja: without his Cyclone library this project would have been impossible to do for me.

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