Resolume Avenue
martes, 14 de outubro do 2008, por isaac-cordal.

Nova versión do software de Vj´s Resolume Avenue..

O resultado de 10 anos de traballo coas anteriores versión. Unha das novidades é que se pode manexar o audio xunto co vídeo a tempo real. A interface do programa e totalmente distinta a derradeira versión. E unha das novidades máis importantes e que tamén saca a súa versión tanto para Pc como para Mac. Os rendering de vídeo son moito máis rápidos porque dependen da tarxeta gráfica non da cpu.

Copio e pego da súa web:

Resolume Avenue 3

Resolume Avenue 3 is a real-time instrument for live (audio) visual performances.

See all the features in detail and sit back while we show you some of the exciting new features in the introduction video. And checkout the Getting Started video for a more detailed look.

What’s new in Resolume 3

Everything. No really, everything is new. We completely rewrote Resolume 3 from scratch, in a different programming language. Why? Many reasons; Resolume 2 was getting old, we started programming Resolume when we were still students and we were learning how to do it by trial and error. Therefore a lot of code in Resolume 2 was very inflexible and of poor quality. We had learned so much in all those years working on Resolume that we wanted to take all our gained knowledge about coding and real-time video and build an all new system that would be much better.

Resolume 2 is written in objective pascal with Delphi and uses DirectX for video rendering. This locked us into Windows only. We knew that if we wanted to grow we had to make Resolume run on windows and Mac OSX and possibly Linux in the future. So we had to start using cross-platform technologies like openGL and a cross-platform programming language c/c++.

Resolume 2 does all the video rendering on the CPU, this is fine but the processor on the video-card (GPU) is specifically designed for graphics and can therefore do video rendering much much faster at higher resolution. So we wanted to design a new rendering engine that would run much faster so you can play more layers of video at HD resolutions with virtually unlimited effects.

Resolume 2 does not play audio. We see live audio visual (AV) performances becoming more popular but there are very little tools available to create and perform them. Resolume 3 has full audio visual playback and you can combine any FreeFrameGL visual effects with any VST audio effect to create audio visual effects.

The Resolume 2 interface was having growing pains. It was literally inflexible and Adding new features like audio playback, unlimited AV effects, etc. was impossible without creating a whole new layout. Resolume 3 has an entirely new flexible interface that fits on any resolution monitor and has a layout That accommodates the new features, and will allow many more without becoming cluttered and hard to use.

Resolume Avenue 3 is an all new, audio visual instrument built on 10 years of experience from versions 1 and 2.

15 de outubro do 2008 03:29, por Gisela

Y esto es como el processing? digo open source y esas cosas... el download que esta en la página es un trailer?
Conoces algún foro donde se comente acerca de su uso?
Me interesa bastante.