Transmediale.10. FUTURITY NOW!
sábado, 30 de xaneiro do 2010, por Isaac Cordal.
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2-7 febreiro

O ano pasado tivemos a oportunidade de asistir ao Festival Transmediale en Berlin para así realizar unha serie de crónicas do que alí ocorría. Este ano, con todo, teremos que seguilo polas canles de internet. Isto non é escusa para que non podamos acceder á información, e seguramente a tempo real, do que alí suceda a partir do próximo 2 ata o 7 de febreiro no que é un dos festivais europeos de referencia a nivel mundial.

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  • The transmediale.10 exhibition
    Future Obscura presenta obras de arte que utilizan os materiais, dispositivos e máquinas de creación de imaxes para ilustrar e definir a nosa relación coa atemporalidade - o choque de pasado, presente e futuro. Máis dunha ducia de artistas internacionais, incluíndo Zilvinas Kempinas, Julius von Bismarck, Ken Rinaldo, Alice Miceli and Julien Maire, creará exploracións interdisciplinario da luz e a cronoloxía que se desenvolverá a través do HKW, e varios espazos urbanos en Berlín.

    Žilvinas Kempinas
    Gebhard Sengmüller
    Yvette Mattern
    Adam Somlai-Fischer , Usman Haque, Bengt Sjölén
    Julien Maire
    Ken Rinaldo
    Julian Oliver, Diego Diaz, Clara Boj, Damian Stewart

    Os nominados para os premios este ano son:

    Free Art and Technology Lab (FAT Lab) - Founded in 2007 by Evan Roth and James Powderly (also known for G.R.L., and grown by 17 new members since, the FAT network is as a loose online collective working across several continents, and with a great amount of humour, on free software and other exciting projects supporting open values through the use of open licenses.


    Bicycle Built For Two Thousand (2009) - An online work by Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey (US) whose title refers to the song line ’bicycle built for two’ from the well-known Daisy Bell: Based on a distributed system of 2000 human voices Bicycle Built For Two Thousand is a reconstruction and cover version of the very first song in history ever synthetically sung by a computer (in 1962).


    Chapter I - The Discovery (2009) - An audiovisual installation by the artist Felix Luque Sanchez (ES). A peculiar, geometric object releasing a code of light and sound: synthetically generated images destabilise the viewers’ faith in their own perception.

    Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots (2008) - A new kind of domestic robots invented by the art collective auger-loizeau & zivanovic material beliefs (James Auger / Ander Zivanovic, both UK): bizzare carnivorous hybrids between machine and living organism feeding on small flies.


    Exception and the Rule (2009) - A film by artist duo (Brad Butler / Karen Mirza, both UK) following a series of visits to Karachi, Pakistan: subjective impressions and experiences regarding the collaboration with many different local professionals as well as a critique of the complex role of international and local media as crucial ideological mediators.

    ReConstitution (2008) - An audiovisual live TV-remix performance by artist duo Sosolimited (Justin Manor / Eric Gunther, both US). With a special datavisualisation software that extract video, audio and text Sosolimited assemble an unpredictable, often hilarious narrative by visually and acoustically transforming data as well collecting and replaying utterings and movements of the people on screen.

    Buscando al Sr. Goodbar (2009) - Michelle Teran’s (CA) tour through the Spanish town Murcia on three levels at once: by bus, on Google Earth and YouTube. The search for places and authors of various YouTube videos shot in town - an intimate encounter between videomakers and audience, the overlapping of the real and the virtual, of past and present. The project will most likely be repeated in Berlin in February.

    Coincidence Engines (2008-2009) - A technological composition project by artist duo [The User] (Emmanuel Madan / Thomas McIntosh, both CA) in which the mundane ticking of a clock is transformed into the source of complex acoustic structures in homage to Hungarian composer György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique.


    Artificial Moon (2007) - A glowing 4m sphere of hundreds of energy saving light bulbs created by artist Wang Yuyang (CN): A poetic allusion to the changing roles of technology and environment, nature and artificiality as well as the, since 1969, still unresolved claiming of the moon between East and West.

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