Transmediale: Film and Video Programme
luns, 12 de xaneiro do 2009, por Isaac Cordal.

28.01. - 01.02.2009
House of World Cultures
Berlin, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10

Film and Video Programme

1. Screening Territories
2. Melting Fridges
3. State/s of Emergency
4. Recipes for Disaster
5. Competition programmes


1. Screening Territories

Under the leitmotif ’Screening Territories’ the film and video section of
transmediale.09 explores the theme of this years’ festival. Together with the
works from the international competition and a series of compilation programmes
by invited guest curators , the programme includes more than 70 current
productions by international artists The compilation programmes mainly feature
selections from the entries to the transmediale award competition 2009 - where
the majority of this year’s award submissions may also be viewed at the project
library in the foyer of the House of World Cultures throughout the period of the
Two special programme contributions come from invited guest curators. The
Berlin based film curators Marcel Schwierin and Florian Wuest have compiled the
two part programme ’Melting Fridges’ and Marlene Rigler from Argos Arts in
Brussels has curated a special selection of works entitled ’State/s of
Many of the artists will be present at the festival providing an opportunity
for discussion after the presentation of their work. On Sunday, February 1, the
programme closes with the preview of the annual transmediale video selection.
All film and video programmes will be on show at the theatre hall in House of
World Cultures, admission is 6 euros, reduced 5 euros.


2. Melting Fridges
curated and presented by Marcel Schwierin & Florian Wuest
Part I, Fri 30.01. 18.30 hrs
Part II Sat 31.01. 15 hrs

The refrigerator is among the most important technical achievements of everyday
life and thus extends the so-called cooling chain. By means of this chain it is
possible to preserve and eat perishable food independent of the time of year and
to thus prevent typical nutritional deficiencies. In the 1950s the refrigerator,
in addition to the car, television, and washing machine, symbolised the domestic
modernity of the ’economic miracle’. Nevertheless, the electric refrigerator is
a paradox: It cools its interior by heating up its surroundings and thereby
becomes a reflection of a desolate progress-oriented society which enjoys its
luxury on the inside at the cost of destroying its environment on the exterior.
Part I:
Dieter Werner for AEG, Lebensmittel im Eisschlaf, brd, 1960, 14:00 | Jorgen
Leth, The Perfect Human, dk, 1967, 13:00 | Jam Handy for Westinghouse Electric
Corporation, Match Your Mood, us, 1968, 6:30 | Chris Welsby, Sky Light, uk,
1988, 26:00 | Bill Plympton for MTV, Acid Rain, us, 1989, 0:45 | Guido van der
Werve, Nummer acht - Everything is going to be alright,nl, 2007, 10:00 |
Part II:
Edgar Reitz, Geschwindigkeit, brd, 1962, 13:00 | Takahiko Iimura, Kuzu (Junk),
jp, 1962, 12:00 | Roland Goeschl & Otto M. Zykan for Humanic, Umweltschutzmauer
at, 1972, 0:30 | John Halas, Automania 2000, uk, 1963, 10:00 | Gerhard Ruehm
for Humanic, Wachstum, at, 0:20 | Pavel Medvedev, On the Third Planet from the
Sun, ru, 2006, 31:00 |


3. State/s of Emergency
curated and presented by Marlene Rigler
Sat, 31.01. 17.30 hrs

Besides indicating a geographical direction, ’Deep North’ is a powerful
metaphor describing a state of paralysis in which an individual, a group or even
a whole nation can find themselves as a result of being cut-off from the greater
other. Indeed restrained contact with the outside world creates a state of
isolation comparable to the common image of the northern hemisphere. On a social
and political level, the concept of ’north’ is particularly interesting in
reference to examples taken from recent history, such as the Cold War resulting
in the Berlin Wall, and the long-term conflicts in the Middle East. Living under
such extreme conditions undoubtedly affects human relationships: social and
emotional bonds are gradually decomposing due to the unfriendly climate,
provoking a state of emergency at the level of the individual. By considering
Deep North as a social metaphor, the works selected by Argos Centre for Art and
Media emphasize the urge for transformation; through the awakening of new ideas,
significant power shifts, and the sharing of interests, the ice can finally melt
away, both in private relationships and in the realm of public politics.
Hans op de Beeck, The Stewarts have a party, be, 2006, 4:19 | Nicolas Provost,
Yellow Mellow, be, 2002, 2:38 | Hans op de Beeck, Coffee, be, 1999, 3:12 | Adam
Leech, Silver Leaf, be, 2007, 6:00 | Dora Garcia, Zimmer, Gespraeche, de, 2006,
28:09 | Herman Asselberghs, Altogether, be, 2008, 17:38 | Vincent Meessen, A
broken rule, be, 2007, 02:06 |


4. Recipes for Disaster
Sun, 01.02. 17.00 hrs

Director John Webster convinces his wife and two small children that the whole
family go on a one year ’oil diet’, without having to give up their middle class
suburban lifestyle. All the everyday things that we don’t do, or that we cannot
help doing, make up recipes for disaster. In this comedy of errors, they find
themselves questioning their values and putting their willpower and, ultimately,
their happiness to the test.
John Webster, Recipes for Disaster / Katastrofin aineksia, fi, 2008, 85:00


5. Competition programmes

Deep Space Recordings
Wed, 28.01. 14 hrs
Andrea Polli, Ground Truth, us, 2008, 8:16 | Mario Asef, Bothered by the
Border, kr/de, 2008, 5:44 | Liu Wei, Hopeless Land, cn, 2008, 7:16 | Larissa
Sansour, A Space Exodus, dk, 2008, 4:27 | Lotte Schreiber, Borgate, at, 2008,
15:00 | Beatrice Gibson, A necessary music, uk/us 2008, 20:00 |

Wed, 28.01. 18 hrs
Florian Gwinner, Dekoration, de, 2007, 5:22 | Trish Adams, Host, au, 2008, 5:00

Verena Maas, Brown, de/uk, 2008, 26:00 Rainer Gamsjaeger, Trifter 1, at,
2008, 8:00
Joanna Hoffmann, Secret Life, pl, 2008, 10:59 Joern Staeger,
Reise zum Wald, de, 2008, 7:00

Field Textures
Thu, 29.01. 13 hrs
SOLU, Kamos Trilogy, fi, 2008, 10:08 | Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Night Sweat, at,
2008, 10:00 | Michael Aschauer, 24/7, Into the Direction of the Light, at, 2008,
8:43 | Elke Groen, Nightstill, at, 2007, 9:00 | Pink Twins, Pulse+, fi, 2007,
4:00 | Michaela Schwentner, Bellevue, at, 2008, 9:00 | Brigitta Wuersch, Green
1, ch, 2008, 3:21 | Momoko Seto, Planet A, fr, 2008, 10:00 |

Distant Grounds
Thu, 29.01. 16 hrs
Etta Saefve, Unwavering (Sisyphus), nl/se, 2006-07, 4:00 | Roberto Bellini,
Jardim Invisivel / Invisible Garden, br/us, 2008, 15:00 | Manuel Knapp,
Distorted Areas 0.1’, at, 2008, 4:34 | Angelika Brudniak / Cynthia Madansky,
Minot, North Dakota, at/us, 2008, 18:00 | Mark Boswell, Unknown Unknow(s), us,
2008, 13:43 | Etta Saefve, Unfinished Harbor (Narcissus), nl/se, 2008, 5:54 |
Manon de Boer, Two Times, be, 2008, 11:00 |

Failing Relations
Fri, 30.01. 13 hrs
Claudia Salamanca, Muerte de un silo tiempo / Death at once, co/us, 2008, 10:24

Karel De Cock, Resonance, be, 2008, 18:30 Theo Ligthart, Peinliche Ordnung,
de, 2008, 13:00
Mihai Grecu, Coagulate, fr, 2008, 6:00

Culture Panic
Fri, 30.01. 16 hrs
Surekha Kumar, Line of Control, in, 2008, 2:50 | Esther Johnson, Celestial, uk,
2007, 15:25 | Eric Schockmel, Syscapes # Interlude, uk, 2008, 22:28 | Joanna
Hoffmann, Life is, pl, 2008, 14:00 | Bertrand Dezoteux, Le Corso, fr, 14:00,
2008 | Kristian Labusga, Rebel with a cause, de, 2008, 2:17 |

Transit Spaces
Sat, 31.01. 12 hrs
Neil Beloufa, Kempinski, ml/fr, 2007, 13:58 | Dan Boord & Luis Valdovino, Not
enough night, us, 2007, 7:44 | Markus Wambsganss, In Uranias, de/ir/us, 2007 /
2008, 16:31 | Joanne Richardson, In Transit, us/ro, 2008, 29:30 |

Optical Vacuum
Sun, 01.02. 14 hrs
Barbara Musil, Market Sentiments, at/ee, 2007, 4:00 | Dariusz Kowalski, Optical
Vacum, at, 2008, 55:00 |

transmediale.09 video selection
Sun, 01.02. 19.30 hrs
The transmediale.09 video selection includes video works that come from a broad
range of submissions to this year’s festival competition, which will be
presented worldwide in the annual tour programme in a similar constellation.

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