Visualizing Data é un libro escrito por Ben Fry (un dos creadores de Processing), que acaba de ser publicado hai xusto dous dias.

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Texto promocional:
The O’Reilly website says, "How you can take advantage of data that you might otherwise never use? With the help of a powerful new programming environment [Processing], this book helps you represent data accurately on the Web and elsewhere, complete with user interaction, animation, and more. You’ll learn basic visualization principles, how to choose the right kind of display for your purposes, and how to provide interactive features to design entire interfaces around large, complex data sets."

Martin Wattenberg from the IBM Watson Research Center says, "This wonderfully detailed guide, by one of the masters of modern data graphics, tells you everything you need to know to code your own visualizations from scratch. Perhaps most valuable are the many examples where Fry demonstrates how to refine a bare-bones concept into a beautiful, effective finished piece. Read this book, and you’ll never again be dependent on someone else’s view of your data."

Podedes botarlle un ollo ao pdf de exemplo que podemos descargar, que nos permite ver o cuarto capítulo: Time series: