Xesús Valle publica Gently annoying
mércores, 11 de xullo do 2012, por Berio Molina.

Xesús Valle vén de publicar Gently annoying no netlabel Audiotalaia, facendo a referencia número 53.

Un traballo con sons moi coidados ata a extrema intimidade. Molestos e dulces.
Moi recomendable.

Deseño de portada por Lisi González e Miguel Angel Pasalodos (foto)

Texto promocional:

Gently Annoying is the latest album by galician artists Xesús Valle. We are glad to receive this collection of complex compositions based on analogue and granular synthesis.

This new instalment on Valle’s investigation take the listener in a tour around different scenarios where field recordings are tweaked until irrecognition and granular synthesis is used a moulding tool over soundscapes and a few works by J. S. Bach himself.

The album goes from glitchy pieces where a few sound objects are spread across time to, compositions such as Uetamitos that has a certain resemblance to works by Steve Reich or Morton Feldman. The whole album seems, after a few listenings, a history trip across electronic music from the first approaches on synthesis until contemporary electronic music production.

This work by Xesús Valle opens a wide horizon of textures, melodies and possibilities that confirm, once again, the good health of this artist working in the North of Spain and invites us to spread our listening limits, into all those “sometimes-forgotten”, composers from the 20th Century but, through the work of Xesús Valle.

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