[df002]Marcos Romero - Montevideo Click Tek
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[df002] Marcos Romero - Montevideo Click Tek

Artist: Marcos Romero
Title: Montevideo Click Tek
Release Date: October 18th 2007

Cover Art


01- Lidbo
02- Quiet By Texas Instruments
03- Recycled Djs

First Marcos Romero release on Difusion Records. A trip between of Rhythmics Patterns of shadows and lights. "Montevideo Click Tek" is the name of this EP, where there is a tribute track to the famous producer Hakan Lidbo, a track made with the Speak & Spell toy, and another track for one of his home town old friend.

Credits: Producer Marcos Romero, Picture Juan Cubilla, Cover Art Javier Villares

Distribution: Groovesource
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Contact label: http://Difusionrecords.com bookings@difusionrecords.com
Contact artist: http://www.myspace.com/marcos_romero
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