ixiQuarks release 2
xoves, 19 de xullo do 2007, por Isaac Cordal.
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ixiQuarks is a software environment designed for live improvisation that allows for user interaction on hardware, GUI and code level. The environment enables innumerable setups with flexible loading of tools and instruments. The ixiQuarks consist of different types of tools: basic utilities, instruments, effects, filters and generators.

ixiQuarks release 2 [July 6th, 2007]
We have released version 2 of
the live-improvisation software environment.
There are 2 new instruments in this package (LiveBuffer and Mushrooms). The ixiQuarks are part of our research
we would really like to ask you, the users of the software, a few questions. So please help us
in our research and register your email here.

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