nuevas releases en el netlabel tecnoNucleo
luns, 31 de decembro do 2007, por scmute.

nuevas releases en el netlabel tecnoNucleo


Three strings is dedicated to an old, prepared, three-stringed acoustic guitar & a few objects. everything amplified with contactmicrophones.

Terje Paulsen

[TN004] electronoise group - Barcelona

ELECTRONOISE GROUP is a free-session and free-expression with 10 or more unspecified electronoise artists. They stick to those electronics and the undifinite communications. Concrete our identity, just for the express, just for the ART. Drone till free. Free expressionism.


[TN005] Electrofuzza - Interferences

These three tracks are the outcome of a 24-hour sound surveillance of my living room. The main issue has been to process or transform these every day sound artifacts, noise, into something else, another sound composition.

Noomi Österling