transmediale.09 extern
luns, 19 de xaneiro do 2009, por isaac-cordal.

28.01. - 01.02.2009
House of World Cultures
Berlin, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10

transmediale.09 extern

1. transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture
2. transmediale Award exhibition extern
3. Snow Play @ c-base
4. Vilem Flusser Archiv
5. Babylon Mitte
6. other events extern


1. transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture

Wed, 28.01., 19.00 hrs
Guest: Zacharias Kunuk (Igloolik Isuma Productions)
Canadian Embassy, Leipziger Platz 17

Zacharias Kunuk, one of the world’s most widely respected aboriginal filmmakers
(Atanarjuat - The Fast Runner, Golden Camera at Cannes, 2001), was nine years
old when his family gave up their nomadic lifestyle and settled in the new
government town of Igloolik, Nunavut. As a co-founder and creative member of the
Igloolik Isuma Productions team, he produced films that preserve the Inuit oral
culture and bring Arctic life to the world. At the transmediale.09 Marshall
McLuhan Lecture, Kunuk and his colleague, Norman Cohn, will talk about the
importance of access to, and use of, new media for contemporary Inuit culture.

Wed, 28.01. - Tue, 03.02.
Marshall McLuhan Salon presents
Ebertstrasse 14
Igloolik Isuma Productions new project Isuma.TV, an independent internet video
portal for contemporary indigenous filmmakers, will be shown in the Marshall
McLuhan Salon, the multimedia information centre of the Canadian Embassy.
Opening hours: 10 - 18 hrs, 31.01. & 01.02 14 - 18 hrs

2. transmediale Award exhibition extern

’Survival and Utopia: Visions of Balance in Transformation’, transmediale.09’s
exhibition, encompasses the House of World Cultures as its base, but the
exhibition extends to a major site specific generative installation at the
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) and an installation of serial software art at

CHB: Corpora in Si(gh)te
doubleNegatives Architecture (2007-2008)
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 12
Opening 26.01. 19.00 hrs, open through March 8, 2009
doubleNegatives Architecture (dNA) sets up a number of sensors to form a mesh
network throughout the target area - the building of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
 in order to collect and distribute real-time environmental information such as
temperature, brightness, humidity, wind direction and sound. The data collected
from these sources are processed by a software and in real-time translated into
nodes reflecting the sensor network. The fluid character of this architecture
occurs as a living form, its shifting structure relates to every environmental

At the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin in Dorotheenstrasse visitors can find an
in-house gallery, a library and seminar rooms. The CHB offers a varied calendar
of events. The Institute of Culture wants to present a modern and European
picture of Hungary, expand and deepen cultural and scientific contacts and
elaborate German-Hungarian themes.

[DAM]Berlin: NON Maschinen
Christoph Korn, de 2008
Tucholskystr. 37
Opening 26.01. 17.00 hrs
The NON-Machines are software applications, which direct the attention towards
aspects of deceleration, disconnectivity, knowledge deprivation,
agrammaticality, non-functionality.
The gallery [DAM]Berlin is part of an overall concept in the field of Digital
Art. Since 2003 its gallery has presented the work of young contemporary artists
as well as pioneers. Further components of the [DAM] project are the
Online-Museum, and the d.velop digital art award [ddaa]. Korns artworks are part
of the transmediale.09 exhibition.

3. Snow Play @ c-base
Mo, 26.01. - So, 01.02.
c-base e.V.
Rungestr. 20

First and utmost assignment of the original c-base space station, crashed and
sunk in the sands underneath today’s Berlin, was the implementing of global
terraforming projects on exo-terrestrial worlds. Consequently, discussing
climate change on a serious level you cannot ignore the theoretical and
practical results of c-base data which today’s c-base reconstruction project has
tried hard to retrieve. The SNOW PLAY environment, set-up by the two
Berlin-based artists of TheProduct*, will help us transforming into a bunch of
researchers and experimenters of an uncertain future. These studies at the
occasion of the 2009 transmediale partner event will be cordially accompanied by
dorkbot vienna, A MAZE game art festival and the dutch media art collective of

Mon, 26.01., 20.00 hrs:
DORKBOT.BLN - Doing Strange Things with Electricity. ,
Tue, 27.01., 20.00 hrs:
COSMIC OPEN STAGE: The weekly c-base jam session as a
transmediale.09 special.
Wed, 28.01., 19.00 hrs:
WAVELOETEN: movement of creating free communications
Thu, 29.01., 20 hrs:
Fri, 30.01., 21.00 hrs:

More information: ,

4. Vilem Flusser Archiv
Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin, Grunewaldstr. 2-5
Fri, 31.01., 14 - 17 hrs

The _Vilem_Flusser_Archiv is a repository for the works of cultural theorist
Vilem Flusser (1920-1991), who was born in Prague, immigrated to Brazil in 1940,
and returned to Europe in the early 1970s. The archive was established by his
wife Edith Flusser in Den Haag, 1992, and was given into the care of Siegfried
Zielinski 1998. In 2007 the archive moved with Prof. Zielinski’s Chair of
Archaeology and Variantology of the Media from the Academy of Media Arts in
Cologne to the University of Arts Berlin.

5. Babylon Mitte
Videoart at Midnight
Fri 30.01., 24 hrs
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30

As varied the forms of video art today are, and as rapidly as current
developments progress, there is still no clear answer to the question of what is
the best form of presentation. A work can function on a handy display, another
work might work best as a loop in a museum space, while a third is best seen on
a monitor and headphones. In cooperation with Babylon at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz,
Ivo Wessel and Olaf Stueber invite you to come and share their obsession. As
monthly as possible, always on a Friday, always at midnight.

Im Guggaruz, 2008, DV, 8:00, Urauffuehrung | Kopffuessler, 2006, DV, 2:20 |
Gulli, 2005, DV, 12:00 | Goldraum, 2006, DV, 8:20 | Cyans Tod, DV, 2006, 4:00 |
im Abri, DV, 2008, 8:00 | Zweite Sonne, DV, 2005, 7:00 |

6. other events extern
World Climate Refugee Camp
Mon, 26.01. 10.00 - 16.00 hrs, Brandenburger Tor (Pariser Platz)
Tue, 27.01. 10.00 - 16.00 hrs, Alexanderplatz

’With climate change we all become nomads’, claims the artist Hermann Josef
Hack. Global warming, caused by wealthy regions, creates millions of refugees in
the poorer regions of our world. Aridity, flooding and other extreme weather
conditions force refugees to abandon their homelands. The Climate Refugee Camp,
consisting of about 400 small tents, converts Brandenburger Tor and
Alexanderplatz in Berlin into symbolic areas of crisis, drawing attention to the
plight of refugees. In addition to this intervention, Hermann Josef Hack also
will present the first Climate Refugee Guide, a travel guide for climate

Climate Hack! - a collaborative hacking workshop
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin: Dorotheenstrasse 12
Climate Hack is a workshop for emerging researchers, designers and artists
dedicated to reframing the international political climate using methods outside
the traditional political rhetoric. Using both old and new technologies, live
internet data streams and a diverse collection of hacking skills, workshop
participants will produce a series of projects for the public exhibition of the
transmediale.09 festival in Berlin. This workshop, its participants and its
products will also serve as the starting point for a second workshop dedicated
to similar themes at the PixelACHE festival in Helsinki April 5-9, 2009.
With: kitchenbudapest -
A joint venture with Pixelache ,

Drifting Islands

Yasmin online discussion
Islands are very specific territories: surrounded by water, their ecology is
affected by both terrestrial and maritime issues. Today, climate change and
global warmingare affecting islands in two dichotomous ways. On one hand, rising
water levels threaten to make some islands disappear and open new sea routes
such as the North-West passage, while on the other hand, new islands are
appearing. Among the issues that Drifting Islands would like to address are
questions such as: What are the artworks that are addressing those issues, and
how? How do people from different geographic zones, living on islands, relate to
those trends? How different are the issues in Iceland, say, or the Mediterranean
and Pacific?
Moderator: Annick Bureaud, with Leonardo/Olats, John Cunningham, Bronac Ferran

Transit Lounge

Since 2006, as an ongoing, experimental project Transit Lounge has evolved
through many different formats to continually explore the potentials of
interdisciplinary collaboration. What happens when movement becomes difficult?
What happens when escape from (or to) home becomes impossible? Moving while
Standing Still is a series of online conversations, between artists in Berlin
and others from cities in Australia, the South. The results will be presented at
transmediale.09: Sunday, February 1, 14.00 hrs, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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